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Custom Home Building

Build Fast

Modular construction offers advantages in speed that other custom home builders cannot compete with.  By simultaneously manufacturing in-factory while onsite foundation work is being done we are able to deliver homes that are built-to-last up to 50% faster than those using conventional construction. Off site Construction of the home takes 8-12 weeks giving more than ample time to prepare the site and navigate weather conditions and labor schedules to prep your site for the installation.  A home built in the standard stick built style requires constant coordination and adjustment to weather conditions which add continual delays to the process.  When the home is delivered it will be "in the dry" or weather tight the same day or on the second day depending on size.   Our homes arrive generally 75-80% complete!  Sheetrock installed, cabinetry, windows, shingles rough plumbing and electrical are all installed and ready for final connections.  Generally within just a few weeks after delivery you can be enjoying your home! 

What is "Custom Modular"

Although we build using all styles of standard and systems built construction methods we believe that this is the most exciting and reliable system of construction in the industry.  Custom modular home building is the most advanced system of construction combining all fields of the construction process to deliver the highest quality homes quickly and at an affordable price point.  We can do complete custom design, pick from stock designs and alter or build straight from an original design.  Virtually any house plan, any size can be "modularized" including open floor plans vaulted ceiling, and even net 0.  Modular home building in its simplest form is building with cubes, units or "modules"  that are connected on the job site.  In the past this was done using simple rectangular plans with only 4/12 pitch roofs thin walls, cheap finishes and limited interior selections options.  Now thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing we are able to take this simple style of building to the highest level of production both meeting and exceeding ICC building codes.  A home built using modular construction now leads the residential construction industry in creativity, energy efficiency, design, and value while providing some of the healthiest living spaces.

Build Fast

Build Strong

In assessing damage to residential neighborhoods in Dade County, Fla., after 1992's Category 5 Hurricane Andrew, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reported "relatively minimal structural damage in modular housing developments. The module-to-module combination of the units appears to have provided an inherently rigid system that performed much better than conventional residential framing."

Build Strong
Build Green

Build Green

Green building means improving the way that homes and homebuilding sites use energy, water, and materials to reduce impacts on human health and the environment. Building green modular homes means making environmentally-preferable and sustainable decisions throughout the building process—decisions that will minimize the environmental impact of the home while it is being built and over the many years it will be lived in.   Our custom modular homes utilize computerized programming and ordering systems to minimize waste in the home production.  Scrap material is kept to a minimum by ordering to specific length and utilizing scrap for blocking in the houses.  The homes are built off site in controlled conditions so no lumber is damaged by weather and wasted.  Any excess materials are utilized in the next home instead of being thrown in a dumpster and put in a landfill. 

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Modular Additions

Working where someone is living comes with inherent inconveniences to both the home owner and the builder.  As a builder who utilizes all the advances in construction we are able to offer this exciting option creating home additions in modules to minimize the disturbance to your normal daily life.  If site conditions and the scope of the project fit we can place units and complete your project with 70% less material and men at your home so you can focus on your normal routine instead of worrying about workers coming and going, hammers banging and kids and pets in all the mess of construction.  

Modular Additions
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