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6 Steps to Get Started

Step 1. Financing 

A construction loan will be needed if you are not paying cash for the build.  Depending on the style of build the construction and draw process will differ.  Modular and other systems builds happen faster and in different size dollar amounts than some lenders are used to.  Caldwell Homes has partnerships with lenders that are familiar with these building styles and can service your needs.  

Step 2. Property and inspection

Doing a proper inspection of the build site  and house location to determine elevation, driveway, garage, easement, access to utilities and logistics for delivery of new home


Step 3. Choosing your home

This is the fun part.  Choosing from existing options, designing from scratch or a combination of the two.   We like to start with what is most important to you.  This will be different for each client.  Aesthetics, functionality and price all become reality at this stage.  We know that we will be able to find or create a house for you.   "The System is the Solution"- and proper planning produces positive results.  making all the decisions relating to design and final finishes of your home will allow for a quicker build process that allows you to enjoy watching your creation come to life instead of stressing about constant decisions that need to be made right away to avoid delays.


Step 4. Signing contract and Earnest money.

Construction loan is signed with your lender and final contract is signed with Caldwell Homes.  Now the wheels are in motion and we start to make the dream a reality.  We will place the orders and start the production of your home.  


Step 5. Construction

Depending on the style of home chosen and details relating to the lot and preparation for construction  the duration of time necessary and for each build will vary.  For modular builds most of the construction is done off site and in a traditional style there is much more consistent activity but a longer build time as each item is built on site and dependent on scheduling of crews and weather.  


Step 6.  Move in!!!  

Once we have done any final evaluations of the home and final payment is received we hand over the keys nad your new life begins!  

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